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Jason – Hi. My name is Jason. I work here. I’ve been doing radio a long time. Before your father was born and before the Great War. Someday I hope to retire, but no one retires from this game. I have a wife. I have three daughters. I have a female dog. The four hours of the show are the only exposure I get to sound logic and reasoning. We also have two guinea pigs, I would name them here but they don’t live terribly long. I don’t want to update this every time we lose one. OK, it’s Prince and Gary. They’re very nice pets to have. We share apples sometimes. I watch a lot of kids’ sports because if I didn’t my kids wouldn’t have a ride home. I like the Chicago Cubs. I dislike two kinds of music, Country and Western. Both, crap. Diet soda is crap too. I like thinking about my next meal. I tell my bed “I miss you, see you soon” at least once a day…out loud. I have fun. I like when you have fun too. Anyways, enjoy the show.


Warren – I’m 40, married 6 years to a very patient woman and father to two cats and one step cat. Radio saved me from becoming the chattiest gas station clerk in the Midwest. It also rescued me from my last 2 years of college. I enjoy spending my free time hunting down over-hyped beers, restoring motorcycles I never seem to finish and taking very bad promo shots for radio show webpages. I also enjoy fouling up home improvement projects after watching YouTube videos. I check in at the gym quite often but have the body of a man who doesn’t. I carry the emotional baggage of being a lifelong Lions fan. I’m a hugger. We hope you enjoy the show as much as we do!